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Use herbal health remedies as your natural way to health, vitality and overall well being. Herbal health remedies have been used throughout time to treat all manner of health problems, conditions, ailments and diseases. It's an impossible task to pinpoint exactly when people started to use herbal remedies because written accounts will only take us back so far. Flexa Plus

It is believed that the benefits of using herbal remedies go back thousands of years because of a written account of their use found in China from approximately 1800 BC. The results of archaeological studies have shown that herbs played their part in burials and rituals in the Bronze Age. flexa plus

In ancient Egypt herbal remedies used to be made up of simple recipes to treat less serious conditions and usually added to food or drink. Honey was a common and important ingredient because of its antiseptic and anti fungal properties. It was used to treat wounds, infections and skin disorders. Flexa Plus

The ancient Greeks are generally held as the founders of modern medicine, Hippocrates being at the forefront, and herbs were in widespread use. This era in Greece was probably the first time that specialists dedicated to treating specific health problems emerged. dermicos vive

The druids of ancient Britain were renowned herbalists and certainly made use of herbal remedies. In fact they were extremely well versed in many subjects. They were very powerful and important people in society and it took 20 years of rigorous training to become a druid. They were considered to be such a threat by the Romans that it prompted them to invade their stronghold (Anglesey) in 60 AD. dermicosvive

In the Middle Ages a devastating plague wreaked havoc throughout Western Europe between 1347 and 1350. By 1348 the Black Death had reached Medieval England. A variety of treatments were employed in an attempt to stem the disease and put an end to people's suffering. http://skinetrin.si/

One of the known treatments was to drink a warm mixture of ground, roasted eggshell, chopped marigold, treacle and ale. Sachets of thyme and lavender were worn to try and ward off the disease. Unfortunately, the plague was relentless and it is estimated that out of England's population of around 4 million people, 1.5 million lost their lives.

The Native American Medicine Men made good use of a wide variety of herbs for treatments and in their rituals. Similar to the Druids of ancient Britain, the young men that wanted to enter this way of life had to successfully complete extremely demanding training. It is documented that the Native American women used herbs for treating conditions such as the menopause and easing childbirth.

Herbal Health Remedies

Over the last century or so, herbal health remedies have tended to drift out of fashion but recently there has been a definite revival in their use and popularity. One of the possible reasons for this is that modern medicine, and the use of chemicals, can be quite harsh resulting in unpleasant side effects.

It is fortunate that today we can benefit from aspects of both worlds in the field of natural treatments, old and new. We have centuries of knowledge and wisdom to drawn upon combined with modern technology that can make the very best out of our herbs and plants with state of the art extraction and formulation processes.

One important issue to keep in mind is that each individual is unique and will feel the benefits from herbs on varying time scales. For example, some people may see an immediate effect whilst in others it could take a few weeks for the results to begin.

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